The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment Association was incorporated on 23 November 1993 and given charitable status on 12 April 1996.

The Association shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accretions to the Association shall be used in promoting its objects.


The Association is established to foster, maintain and promote the traditions and well being of the Regiment. The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. bond together those who have had the distinction of serving with The Essex and Kent Scottish and the regiments which are perpetuated, namely The Essex Scottish and The Kent Regiment
  2. retain the unity, fellowship and communication of those who have served together in the Regiment, in order to preserve the historic and cultural ties and traditions of the Regiment
  3. promote unity and fellowship among serving and former serving members to preserve the history and traditions of the Regiment
  4. promote and encourage, through public education, the historic and cultural significance of the Regiment, in the community; an
  5. provide and operate a public repository of the Regiment’s history, tradition and military lore.