Board of Directors

Morris Brause President
Jacquie Winand-Bacon Vice President
Doug Pfeifer Secretary
Kevin Shaw Treasurer
Pat Coughlin Past President
Ron Bodnar Director
Bill Carruthers Director
Greg Childs Director
Kim Gilliland Director
Blake Harding Director
Cathy MacDonald Director
Eric Skelton Director
Lt. Tom Jaeger Director (CO's Representative)
Sgt. Jeff Morrison Director (CO's Representative)

General By-Law 402 states in part:

"The Board of Directors shall be members of the Association and be comprised of:

  • the immediate outgoing past president
  • up to thirteen (13) members elected by the membership
  • solely at his discretion the CO may appoint one serving officer and one serving non-commissioned member; and
  • to satisfy the representative needs of the serving and non-serving members, and the rank structure of the Regiment, included in the sixteen people above shall be one serving officer, one serving non-commissioned member, two former officers and two former non-commissioned members. (Amended 18 November 2010)

No member of the Board who is a serving member of the Regiment shall be elected President or Vice-President."