Board of Directors

Morris Brause President
Jacquie Winand-Bacon Vice President & Finance Committee Chair
Doug Pfeifer Secretary
Kevin Shaw Treasurer
Pat Coughlin Past President
Bob Bacon Director - Sergeant-At-Arms
Ron Bodnar Director
Bill Carruthers Director - Artifact Committee Chair
Greg Childs Director
Kim Gilliland Director - Newsletter Editor
Blake Harding Director
Dan LeBlanc Director
Cathy MacDonald Director - Membership Chair
Lt. Tom Jaeger Director (CO's Representative) - Website Coordinator
Sgt. Jeff Morrison Director (CO's Representative)

General By-Law 402 states in part:

"The Board of Directors shall be members of the Association and be comprised of:

  • the immediate outgoing past president
  • up to thirteen (13) members elected by the membership
  • solely at his discretion the CO may appoint one serving officer and one serving non-commissioned member; and
  • to satisfy the representative needs of the serving and non-serving members, and the rank structure of the Regiment, included in the sixteen people above shall be one serving officer, one serving non-commissioned member, two former officers and two former non-commissioned members. (Amended 18 November 2010)

No member of the Board who is a serving member of the Regiment shall be elected President or Vice-President."