The Regimental Senate is an advisory body to support the serving Commanding Officer. Membership is by election and consists of past Commanding Officers, the current Honorary Colonel, the current Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel and former honoraries. Other distinguished former members of the Regiment may be invited at the discretion and approval of the Senate.

By precedent and tradition the chair is normally the Honorary Colonel.

The serving Commanding Officer is an ex-officio and non-voting member.


The Regimental Senate provides guidance and advice to the Commanding Officer (CO) on all non-operational aspects of Regimental life.

The Senate is responsible for, but not limited to, the following key duties:

  • implement and adhere to all Regimental policies
  • maintain Regimental customs, traditions and dress
  • when requested by the CO, develop and implement financial policies and fundraising for the welfare of the Regiment in cooperation with The Scottish Borderers Foundation
  • when requested by the CO, support and assist the CO with the planning and coordination of Regimental activities and events, in cooperation with The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment Association
  • developing policies for the involvement in, or operation of, any museum
  • advise, approve and support of any major Regimental projects undertaken by the Regiment or Delta Company; and Approval of all Regimental publications and web sites
  • approve all Regimental publication and web sites.