The following are members of The Essex and Kent Scottish Senate in 2020:

  1. Past Commanding Officers
  • LCol (Ret’d) R.A.P. Rideout
  • Maj (Ret’d) G.G. Mardling
  • Col (Ret’d) W.R. Martin
  • LCol (Ret’d) C.W. Yorke
  • LCol (Ret’d) F.H. Wheeler
  • LCol (Ret’d) P.J. Ryan
  • LCol (Ret’d) M.P. Robinson
  • LCol (Ret’d) P.A. Berthiaume
  • LCol (Ret’d) M.W. Brause
  • LCol J.C. Hodgins

2. Honoraries

  • Past Hon LCol - Chief (Ret’d) G.M. Stannard
  • Past Hon LCol - Mr. F.D. Woodall
  • HLCol J.C. Ouellette

3. Current Commanding Officer as ex-officio and non-voting member

  • LCol J.G. Prentice