(as of 2019)

There are between nine and twelve Directors serving on The Scottish Borderers Foundation, three of which are elected from the members of The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment Association.

Current serving Directors will recommend a new slate of Directors for consideration at the annual meeting.

President LCol (Ret'd) M.P. Robinson

Vice-President LCol (Ret'd) R.A.P. Rideout

Secretary Ms. M.J. McWilliams

Treasurer LCol (Ret'd) F.H. Wheeler

Director Chief (Ret'd) G.M. Stannard

Director Mr. F.D. Woodall

Director LCol (Ret'd) P.A. Berthiaume

Director Ms. Cathy MacDonald (Association Rep)

Director LCol (Ret'd) M.W. Brause (Association Rep)

Director Rev Maj (Ret'd) Kim Gilliland (Association Rep)